This Is Twisted Visions

It started with a beautiful amethyst necklace and earring set my sister-in-law made for me. Two years later she took me to the Denver Mineral and Gem Show to expose me to a world I never knew existed, oh, my. At that specific time and moment in space, I couldn’t have twisted two wires together to save my life, let alone string a bead. So, I bought some beads, and some cabochons, and some stones, oh my, anyway. That was September, 2017. It was a journey my mom was eager to share with me. She hadn’t been out living by me more than 9 months when that trip to Denver occurred. She was just as excited as I to go on this path with me, and was so generously wanting to finance the initial endeavor. *cue violins with really sad music* She watches me from heaven, now. I hope she’s proud of the progress I’ve made, that I’ve taken the exciting step of opening an online store, wanting to share my art with everyone else. Each piece is made knowing my mom is right there, helping me create them. I hope you enjoy my Twisted Visions as much as I enjoy creating them. Have a Twisted day.

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