General Maintenance

Please note: Because handcrafted items require specific care, Twisted Visions wearable art are not recommended for children under the age of 13.

General Maintenance: Do not shower, sleep, or expose your creations to harsh chemicals such as those found in hot tubs or swimming pools, or exercise while wearing your Twisted Visions creations. Do not wear your jewelry while applying hairspray, lotions or other skincare products. Do not clean your creations with an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or abrasive fabrics. Avoid intense and/or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Some stones are sensitive to the sun and colors may become muted if exposed for a great length of time.

For Sterling, Fine or Argentium Silver or Gold and Gold-Fill only, rub a dime-sized drop of Dawn dish-washing detergent across the surface, rinse beneath lukewarm water, then pat gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth. For natural copper, brass, stainless steel and bronze creations, rinse for 30 seconds in 2-3 tbsp of Worcestershire Sauce, rinse beneath lukewarm water, then pat gently with a clean, dry and soft cloth. Allow to dry completely before storage (preferably in a zip-lock or air-tight container). DO NOT use Worcestershire Sauce on any pearl or shell type beads, or cabochons. Use a polishing cloth on the precious metals, and polish gently.

Note on Natural Metals & Oxidization: Most Twisted Visions copper, bronze and brass creations are constructed from raw materials (unless otherwise specified). Copper, bronze and brass will age or patina with wear and use, and is not treated to prevent this natural oxidizing process. To avoid patina, scrub your natural copper, brass and bronze creations lightly with a fine steel wool pad (inexpensive and available at any hardware store), once a month or as needed, dependent upon the amount of wear the piece experiences. Rinse beneath lukewarm water, and then pat gently with a clean, dry, soft cloth. Stainless steel creations will never tarnish!

[ ref: Nicole Hanna Jewelry }