Hematite in Pieces and Discs


Simple, dainty hematite, with stainless steel ear hooks.

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Because of its high iron content, the Hematite crystal stone meaning is associated with the ancient Greeks who used powdered Hematite to make a red pigment. Because of its intense blood-like shade when mixed with water, the Greeks named it ‘haima,’ the Latin word for blood. Hematite can sometimes be called black diamond. It is associated with the Greek god of war, Ares, and the Romans god of war, Mars. The Romans adorned themselves with hematite, and used the mineral to paint their faces. This provided strength, and made them fearless and invincible.  This mysterious stone with a silvery sheen is linked with the silver color ray, the shaded moonlight that mesmerizes with its bright and clear iridescence.  Shimmery Hematite reminds us of the stars, a force as powerful as sunlight yet soft and subdued. According to legend, the Native Americans believe that the stars in the sky are the campfires of our ancestors.

This powdery mineral was one of the earliest in history of humanity. It was utilized a hundred thousand years ago for social differentiation. These residues were found in old graveyards, and are found in the pottery culture of Hungary and Poland some 5000 BC ago.  In ancient times, the gemstone was used as a mirror. When people back then had this cut, it turned transparent and red. It was also used in place of red umber to make portraits and other art forms in caves. Ancient Egyptians used this for proper blood circulation in the body. In the 18th and 19th century, this gemstone was used in jewelry to participate in mourning sessions. In the first survival war of the American people, it was used to attain victory and produce water from it.  These days, Native Americans use the stone for jewelry and artwork. It is said to form red okra which makes war paints.

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