Setter Pewter Lapel/Tie Pin

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Setter, jewelry grade, pewter tie/lapel pin, apprx 2″ x 1 1/2″.

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Setter, jewelry grade, pewter tie/lapel pin, apprx 2″ x 1 1/2″.

Lou DePaolis was noted for his exquisite paintings and jewelry sculpture of dogs and wildlife, produced during his more than 30-year career. He was regarded as one of the finest Wildlife and Sporting Dog Artists in the United States. Noted for his accuracy and attention to detail, award-winning artist Lou DePaolis’ pewter jewelry, and dog and wildlife prints include some of the most unique and hard to find creatures in the wild. The key to Lou’s success, beyond artistic talent, was his thorough and unrelenting research. Before attempting to photograph or paint a subject, he would learn and observe everything there is to know about the subject. His art graces the walls of collectors worldwide. The pieces available through our website, are vintage pieces that have been in the family since the mid-1970s, when a family member coordinated with Mr. DePaolis to design a belt buckle for the United States Geological Survey.

Some pieces are one of a kind, others have up to 6, or more, copies available, but are not found from any other current sources. All of these items were printed between the mid to late 70s.  Please note, as with any digital content online, the image is not a perfect representation of the item. We have tried to get the best light and clarity of each piece.